Thursday, February 24, 2011

Aston Martin Rapide – the Configurator

The Aston Martin Rapide

Aston Martin has launched an online configurator for the new RapideAston Martin has launched an online configurator for the new Aston Martin Rapide where you can build your very own Rapide.Now that the Aston Martin Rapide is finally hitting the roads – and Rapide Reviews are being published - Aston Martin are moving from ‘It’s coming’ promotions to ‘It’s here – come and buy one’ marketing. So it’s no surprise that they’ve now launched and Aston Martin Rapide Configurator online where potential buyers – or in reality ‘wannabe’ Rapide owners – can go and play with the options list and build their own Rapide.

You get the usual choice of options from which to choose and can configure everything from interior and exterior colours to specifying the options you want fitted. It’s a good time-waster if you’re bored for half an hour, and if you’re anything like us you’ll be trying your best to come up with a set of options that make the Rapide hideous – just for the hell of it. But we didn’t manage that. Whatever we did the Rapide still looked beautiful.

But be warned. Aston Martin seem to have built their configurator to be used just on Internet Explorer 6 or greater. Which when you consider that IE is about the worst of the internet browsers available – although undeniably the most ubiquitous – it seems a big clanger. Why not support for Firefox or Chrome, or even Safari? Much better browsers and much more likely to render your dream Aston Martin Rapide without screwing up.

But never mind. Even if you do have to crank-up IE for the first time in months to play with the Rapide configurator it’s still worthwhile.


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