Friday, July 31, 2009

In BMW test restyling version X3


In the Bavarian concern have started test tests of updated crossover BMW X3 which should appear on roads in a year.

Engineers have closed new design BMW X3 massive "camouflage", but it is possible to assume, that appearance of a crossover will not change radically. But "camouflage" cannot hide that fact, that the car became little bit less. As experts assume, in such a way in the Bavarian concern wish to "outline" distinctions between crossovers X1 and X3 which have today practically identical sizes.

It is expected, that updated BMW X3 will please buyers with a wide power ruler into which four diesel units power from 177 to 299 h.p. the Car will enter will equip also with the new 3 litre petrol engine power of 230 h.p. and 300 h.p.
Hearings that the novelty can receive hybrid installation which structure will include petrol and electric motors but while it only hearings go.

The debut of updated crossover BMW X3 will take place in the beginning of next year, and to dealers the model will arrive in the middle of 2010.

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Studio Edo Competition has presented superpenalties Ferrari Enzo XX

Ferrari Enzo

Tuning studio Edo Competition has presented a unique variant of Italian a superpenalty under name Ferrari Enzo XX.

Power of standard 650-strong engine V12 have increased to 800 h.p., having approached Ferrari Enzo on the dynamic indicators to supercar Bugatti Veyron which is equipped by the motor power of 1001 h.p. As a result of Ferrari Enzo XX about 100 km/h of all for 3,2 seconds, the maximum speed — 390 km/h are dispersed.

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Merge Volkswagen and Porsche will change all car industry of Germany

Volkswagen and Porsche

The planned merge of motorcar giant Volkswagen (VW) and the manufacturer of sports cars Porsche will reverse a car industry picture to Germany, and also an alignment of forces on a world car market where VW while concedes to Japanese company Toyota and American concern General Motors, influential economic newspaper Financial Times Deutschland (FTD) writes on Wednesday.

Concern Volkswagen plans to sign on August, 13th with the manufacturer of expensive sports cars, German Porsche, the agreement on purchase of a share holding of the company at a rate of 49,9 % of the authorised capital approximately for 4 billion euro. Such decision to a management of both companies should be accepted owing to heavy financial position Porsche because of financial crisis. According to German mass-media company debts make about 14 billion euro.

"The concern with headquarters in Wolfsburg (Volkswagen) will want to become the first as soon as will finish joining Porsche", — is spoken in article. The newspaper quotes opinion of the head of Institute of the motor industry considering, that such chance at incorporated concern Volkswagen-Porsche is.

"However it will be hard to beat Toyota Motor. The weakest the link here for VW is the North America where the Japanese company sells much more cars. On the other hand, at VW there is also a big advantage are much stronger, than at Toyota, positions in China", — quotes FTD the German expert.

As the newspaper notices, though on pure to sale quantity indicators (99 thousand cars last financial year) Porsche looks the gnome in comparison with other marks Volkswagen (the total amount of sales in 2008 has made 3,6 million cars), creation of the integrated concern making all chain of automodels from Golf to sports cars and lorries becomes treasured dream of patriarch Volkswagen of Ferdinand Pieha — the grandson of the trailblazer of a German car industry Ferdinand Porshe. After all VW already and so luxury models of type Bentley and Lamboghini belong.

All other autocompanies of Germany, have less wide spectrum of made models and a smaller sales volume: concern BMW together with marks Mini and Rolls-Royce has sold in 2008 1,4 million cars, company Daimler could sell last year 1,3 billion units Mercedes-Benz, Smart and Maybach, and Opel with mark Vauxhall hardly has increased volume of the sales to 1,5 million cars.

From the point of view of the known autoexpert of professor Ferdinand Dudenheffera from university Duisburg-Essen, Volkswagen after merge with Porsche will take predominating positions in a segment of cars of a class lux which requirement annually makes 550 thousand cars. But it, according to the expert, can cause legal questions.

"If to count the general sale of group Volkswagen-Porsche in 2007 their share in the luxury market has made 37,9%, and in 2008 — 34,1%, and if to add here model Porsche-Panamera which will go on sale since September of this year this share can increase from an average index in 36% to 40%. It unequivocally means dominating positions in a luxury segment in which Volkswagen without Porsche on the average has 20%", — the newspaper quotes the express analysis of the German professor.

Meanwhile autoexpert Villi Dits considers, that competitive pressure is especially high on Daimler and BMW. "Company Audi in a segment of models of class Premium has already reached their level and has benefited by technological designs of concern Volkswagen. To concerns Daimler and BMW principle business on it to react", — the autoexpert considers.

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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Tuning studio Project Kahn has finished Mercedes McLaren SLR

McLaren SLR

British tuning company Project Kahn has finished with carbon plastic body Mercedes McLaren SLR, having replaced some details.

The tuning version a superpenalty named Carbon. Except a carbon body, the car has received the supereasy racing wheels F1-X Carbon, everyone on 12kg is easier factory.

Except a styling-package, tuners offer to racing Mercedes the complete set of accessories: design keys and a sports wheel from that carbon, and also, for an additional payment undertake to strengthen power of the engine on 60HP (to 677HP).

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Tuning studio Carlsson has worked over diesel Mercedes GL

Mercedes-Benz GL

Experts from Germany dealt with a flagman off-road car of the Stuttgart company not once or twice.

Completions always were serious enough, but for some reason tuners preferred to increase "muscles" only to the most powerful V8 in volume 5,5 l. Omission is corrected: the turn of consumers of solar oil — versions GL 350 CDI and GL 450 CDI has come.

Thanks to an impudent aerodynamic weather-cloth tuning variant Carlsson GL RS it is visible far off. That there is one impressive lattice of a radiator plentifully flavoured with chrome, yes a logo of studio which has almost caught up in the sizes with round headlights.

Between internal and external full harmony. Diesel "six" 3.0 has received new "software" and the sports air filter that has lifted return with 224 h.p. To 269 "horses" and 612 Nm. Have in the same way trained also turbodiesel V8 4.0: the power gain has made 48 forces (became 354 h.p.).

And that the high off-road car felt on bends is better, it was necessary to lower the centre of gravity. The changed module of management of pneumosuspension bracket Airmatic has allowed to reduce a road clearance by 30 mm. In general, any discrimination if to compare to an upgrade of the petrol version. And the price of the complete set the acceptable: 18 200 euros for all.

Off-road Mercedes-Benz

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New Grand Bentley

Grand Bentley

The world premiere of new British luxury car Grand Bentley will take place in some weeks in California.

In a novelty the technologies are provided, allowing to reduce consumption of fuel and emissions of carbonic gas. In particular, Grand Bentley will receive system of deactivation of cylinders depending on loading.

This technology saving up fuel is used by such motor-car manufacturers, as General Motors, Chrysler, Daimler and Honda. While it is not known, whether will equip the new car as well with is flexible-fuel system, as Continental SuperSports which premiere has taken place in Geneva.

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Ferrari has officially presented supercar F430 successor

Supercar Ferrari

On Tuesday company Ferrari has officially presented new supercar which becomes the most younger model in scale of eight-cylinder cars of mark and will be shown general public September of this year on automobile show in Frankfurt.

The novelty received the name 458 Italia and developed in studio Pininfarina, will come in the stead Ferrari F430.

The supercar is constructed on the aluminium chassis and equipped by special aerodynamic elements reducing resistance to a running stream of air. Supercar Ferrari F430 is completed by 570-strong 4,5-litre motor V8 with direct injection of fuel and the seven-step robotised transmission with two couplings.

Legendary Ferrari

The maximum twisting moment of this engine makes 540 Nm.
According to Ferrari, from zero to hundred kilometres per hour the novelty can be dispersed for 3,4 seconds. The maximum speed of the car will make more than 320 kilometres per hour.

Besides, rear-wheel Ferrari 458 Italia has received active differential E-Diff, carbon-ceramic brake mechanisms with system "prefill", 20-inch wheel disks, and also "closed" air inlets of a forward bumper (hidden behind a grid of ventilating apertures aerodynamic elements block air stream, reducing resistance).

Ferrari Italia

It is expected, that on sale in the European market the novelty will appear in the beginning of next year.

Cost Ferrari 458 Italia will make about 170 thousand euro.

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In Frankfurt universal Mercedes-Benz E-Class debuts


Concern Daimler AG has confirmed, that on the Frankfurt motor show in September of this year the world premiere new Mercedes-Benz E-Class in a body universal will take place.

Espionage photos E-Class Estate have already appeared on the Internet, and official pictures and characteristics are promised in August. Nevertheless already now it is possible to assume, that universal will receive the same set of engines, as a sedan, including the newest representatives of series Blue Efficiency power of 136HP (diesel engine) and 184HP (gasoline).

Simultaneously with it Daimler AG has reported about sales of new sedan E-Class: made this year, car sales have made 40 000 copies. Thus it is expected, that the updated business sedan from Mercedes-Benz will be even more popular, not looking at all on world financial crisis as, the next months start car sales in the USA and China.

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There were espionage photos Mercedes SLK of 2012

Mercedes SLK

Internet edition WorldCarFans publishes a photo and video of the image of a test prototype of coupe Mercedes-Benz SLK of model 2012.

As writes the edition, despite a camouflage abundance on the car, it is possible to make out, that at the given stage designers have made a forward part of future SLK similar to model SLR, and a radiator lattice the same coupe Mercedes-Benz of an E-class.

As writes the edition referring to sources to the companies, future SLK in a base complete set it will be equipped by the 3,5-litre petrol engine from AMG. Thus, any harmless and economic versions of model it is not provided yet.

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2010 Ford Mustang NASCAR Specifications

now for

2010 Ford Mustang NASCAR to race in Nationwide series

Ford Antagonism appear today that the Mustang, which hasn’t competed in NASCAR, will chase in the Nationwide alternation back Ford begins a bound rollout of its new car in 2010.

“We had been talking with NASCAR for some time about Mustang as allotment of its eyes for a ‘muscle car’ rollout for the Nationwide Series. We both saw it as a way of appropriate the alternation from Sprint Cup,” said Brian Wolfe, administrator of Ford North America Motorsports. “We admired the idea, so we jumped on the adventitious to extend Mustang’s antagonism bequest to a new alternation extensive a huge and loyal audience.

The Mustang’s motorsports history includes abounding types of antagonism including drag, road, afloat - but this will be Mustang’s aboriginal actualization in any NASCAR series.

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Ferrari 458 Italia New WALLPAPER AND REVIEW

Ferrari 458 Italia New

Ferrari 458,  modification, review , race Italia

italian manufacture launched Ferrari 458 Italia New WALLPAPER AND REVIEW 458 Italia, it is the two-seater mid-rear engined berlinetta,this Ferrar is the latest addition to the Prancing Horse's history. Ferrari 458 Italia is expected to be unveiled at the upcoming 2009 Frankfurt Auto Show. The result of the Ferrari engineers’ endeavours can be summed up in to two simple statistics which together perfectly encapsulate the Ferrari 458 Italia’s exceptional performance: 0-100 km/h acceleration in under 3.4 seconds and a maximum speed in excess of 325 km/h.

Citroen Hypnos Concept Car Reviews

This is Citroen Hypnos concept, and it been announced by Citroen company , and will be premiered at the 2008 Paris Motor Show.what a beautiful car concept

Citroen style namely Hypnos concept car is being to merge the space of an SUV with the vitality of a coupe and also with the elegance of a saloon. This is Citroen Hypnos concept is Powered by a 200 bhp (147 kW) engine, Citroen Hypnos concept will delivers a 4.5 l/100 km fuel consumption and a 120 g/km CO2 emissions level.

Citroen Hypnos concept interior’s is aiming to make the technology more approachable by humans. More Citroen Hypnos concept’s photos and detailed informations will be available soon when it’s closer to the premiere date.

Citroen Hypnos Concept Car
The special hybrid technology used on Hypnos highlights Citroen’s commitment to the environment and shows once again that this strong ecological focus is always accompanied by driving thrills and efficiency. With its 200 bhp (147 kW) engine, Hypnos combines dynamic performance with low fuel consumption and emissions (4.5 l/100 km and 120 g/km of CO2).

Illustrating the advantages of hybrid technology through a high-tech approach, Citroen has designed a beautifully proportioned coupe with bold styling.
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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe Picture

2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe Exotic Car2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe Exotic Car

2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe Picture2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe Picture

2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe Turbo Engine2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe Turbo Engine
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Toyota Harrier Wallpaper

Toyota Harrier WallpaperToyota Harrier Wallpaper

Toyota Harrier Car PictureToyota Harrier Car Picture

Toyota Harrier Car ImagesToyota Harrier Car Images
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Toyota Harrier Wallpaper

Toyota Harrier WallpaperToyota Harrier Wallpaper

Toyota Harrier Car PictureToyota Harrier Car Picture

Toyota Harrier Car ImagesToyota Harrier Car Images
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Toyota Harrier Wallpaper

Toyota Harrier WallpaperToyota Harrier Wallpaper

Toyota Harrier Car PictureToyota Harrier Car Picture

Toyota Harrier Car ImagesToyota Harrier Car Images
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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

2009 BMW 1 Series Pictures

2009 BMW 1 Series
2009 BMW 1 Series
2009 BMW 1 Series
2009 BMW 1 Series
2009 BMW 1 Series
2009 BMW 1 Series

2009 BMW 1-Series Performance & Efficiency Standard Features

- Two turbo compressor

- 2,979 cc 3.0 liters in-line 6 front engine with 84.0 mm bore, 89.6 mm stroke, 10.2 compression ratio, double overhead cam, variable valve timing/camshaft and four valves per cylinder N54

- Premium unleaded fuel 91

- Gasoline direct injection fuel system

- 14.0 gallon main premium unleaded fuel tank 11.7

- Power: 224 kW , 300 HP SAE @ 5,800 rpm; 300 ft lb , 407 Nm @ 1,400 rpm
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2010 bmw 5 series Pictures

2010 bmw 5 series
2010 bmw 5 series
2010 bmw 5 series
2010 bmw 5 series
2010 bmw 5 series
2010 bmw 5 series

2010 BMW 5-Series 550I Sedan Performance & Efficiency Standard Features
-4,799 cc 4.8 liters V 8 front engine with 93.0 mm bore, 88.3 mm stroke, 10.5 compression ratio, double overhead cam, variable valve timing/camshaft and four valves per cylinder
-Premium unleaded fuel 91
-Multi-point injection fuel system
-18.5 gallon main premium unleaded fuel tank 15.4
-Power: 268 kW , 360 HP SAE @ 6,300 rpm; 360 ft lb , 488 Nm @ 3,400 rpm
2010 BMW 5-Series 550I Sedan Handling, Ride & Braking Standard Features
-Brake assist system
-Cornering brake control
-Four disc brakes including four ventilated discs
-Electronic brake distribution
-Electronic traction control via ABS & engine management
-Spacesaver steel rim spare wheel
-Stability control
-Strut front suspension independent with stabilizer bar and coil springs, multi-link rear suspension independent with stabilizer bar and coil springs
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The hybrid Utopia becomes a reality

Velozzi Solo

Automobile hybrid technologies are accessible not only to the large companies like Toyota and General Motors, but also to small firms which, besides and have no experience of building of the car in general. But the automobile world promptly varies, and hybrid technologies become popular, so demand for such cars grows. While the big companies struggle with crisis, small represent the new models.

All are already familiar with autocompany Tesla and two models: Roadster and representation sedan Model S. Now one more new company tries to declare itself — Velozzi which is going to begin manufacture of hybrid cars loudly.

Velozzi the State of California — a place very successful for start of the hi-tech project is based in Los Angeles. We will remind, to California on emissions of exhaust gases the most rigid ecological standards are entered into environment.

In the young company there are scientists, engineers and designers who are engaged in working out of transport ecological technologies. The company purpose is the batch production and bulk selling of ecologically safe, powerful, beautiful and functional hybrid cars.

Today Velozzi shows the working out — crossover Solo. Unlike other hybrids is an easy and spacious car. The majority of modern electric and hybrid cars are under construction on the same a principle. As old kind cars with traditional petrol motors, using, by and large, the same design. The general director of new company Roberto Velozzi considers, that manufacture of new effective vehicles with use of out-of-date methods of building is impossible.

For effective, ecologically pure car it is necessary to use easy materials to improve the fuel expense, to reduce environmental contamination and to increase safety of passengers.
Velozzi now has developed modular technology with use of modern easy materials that allows engineers to think freely not adhering to technical restrictions traditional for automobile branch. Under statements of experts of the company the new technology allows to simplify assemblage of the car and to reduce industrial expenses. As a result, the end production will cost more cheaply, and in the car it will be possible to use more expensive and powerful engines.

Besides, cars Velozzi in the world will use for the first time high-strength hydrocarbon. At the heart of a new material carbon with cylindrical structure, so-called CNTs is used.

Velozzi mechanical durability of a material which on 40% is more effective, than used is necessary today, first of all. Besides hydrocarbon very easy also gives in to secondary processing.
Crossover Solo, will use still set of hi-tech decisions, including, come and from the Formula-1. But the principle of work of hybrid installation becomes the main feature of the car. For gymnastics of super condensers and lithium-ionic of batteries onboard Solo fuel microturbines will be used some.

That is cars Velozzi are the normal electromobiles which electromotors receive a food at the expense of a combination lithium-ionic of the battery and super condensers which, in turn, are charged from several onboard fuel microturbines or the usual city electric system.
Microturbines Velozzi can use fuel any kind, including, gasoline, diesel fuel, ethanol, biodiesel fuel and natural gas. If it is necessary, the car can work as a diesel engine-generator and to feed with the electric power the whole house with all house electrodevices.

Tesla Roadster

By calculations, the car will be constructed only in 2011.

Solo it will be capable to reach speed in 210 km/hour, to be dispersed to hundred for fantastic for an off-road car of 6 seconds, and to spend 2,4 litres of fuel for 100 kilometres. Utopian for today figures, nevertheless, can define success of the new company in the future.

Except crossover Solo in plans at Velozzi building of the hybrid super car. For realisation of plans Velozzi already has now involved in working out of 17 future suppliers of components of the serial car.

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Italians soon will show new generation Lancia Ypsilon

Lancia Ypsilon

The Italian mark Lancia widely popular in the past is in demand today basically in the local car market.

Muffled positioning, the narrow and illogically built lineup, the overestimated prices — all it has led to that in many countries have simply ceased to buy production Lancia. But Italians still hope to break a situation. Including thanks to new generation of small hatchback Ypsilon.

The car will be realised on platform Gamma which also use Fiat Grande Punto and Alfa Romeo MiTo. Certainly, Lancia will receive a corresponding stuffing: petrol motors 1.4 (78 and 95 forces), 1.4 T (120 and 150), diesel engines 1.3 JTD (90) and 1.6 JTD (120). In the chassis racks McPherson in front and braided a beam behind will be applied.

While it is not known, on which the motor-show debuts new generation Lancia Ypsilon. The premiere should be loud, after all the B-class hatchback is the most bought model of the company. Apparently, car presentation will date for a scale Frankfurt motor show. But it is our thoughts, and Italians — a question here is how will arrive.

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There were first photos supercar Devon GTX


British edition AutoExpress supercar Devon GTX created in American company Devon Motorworks publishes the first photos of a real test prototype.

As writes the edition, Devon was affiliated brand Dodge Viper and has received independence as soon as company Chrysler has decided to expose Viper on sale.

Model Devon GTX long time existed only in sketches, and now the car was declassified.
The car has received elements of design Viper, also the folding doors opening on type super car McLaren F1. According to the edition, the ready model will be presented public to time in August.
The car should receive a carbon body and the 650-strong motor under a cowl.

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High-speed Audi S1 will present in Frankfurt

Audi S1

In October of this year in Belgium starts a batch production of the new car Audi A1, which German concern is intended to show on the international motor show in Frankfurt.

Some editions, not waiting the official premiere of a novelty, on the basis of hearings and the data have ventured creation of preliminary design of the "charged" version of compact model. While in Audi officially have not confirmed the information on an exit of the charged version of a novelty that has not stopped designers who have decided to simulate a prospective image of car Audi S1.

As writes Topspeed, most likely, under a car cowl there can be 1.4 l the motor from Volkswagen Polo GTi Cup Edition. It is not excluded, that power of the 178-strong engine will be increased in Audi to 200 h.p. that will allow model to be accelerated to 10 km/h for 6 seconds, and the maximum speed of the car will make an order of 250 km/h.

From standard Audi A1 the sports version will differ not only the engine, but also some details in an ex-terrier. So, the car should receive wider wheel arches, 19-inch disks, a back spoiler, little bit other registration of a forward part of a body.

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The British armourers represent exclusive Range Rover

Range Rover

British weapon company Holland and Holland and tuning studio Overfinch in common presented special release of the version of recently updated off-road car Range Rover 2010 modelling years.

The magnificent car will present on September, 23rd. According to developers, the car will receive set of unique accessories, both in an interior, and in an ex-terrier, writes QX9.

Model will make in the limited circulation in 100 copies. To buyers will offer on a choice two engines — petrol 5,0-litre V8 with a turbo-supercharging power of 510 h.p. or diesel V8 with a turbo-supercharging.
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BMW presented a new coupe-crossover

Coupe-crossover BMW

Autocompany BMW presented a new coupe-crossover of 3 series GT for manufacture.

Under the preliminary information, the car will appear on sale in 2011. The premiere of the conceptual car should take place this autumn on the Frankfurt motor show.

The harmonious combination of the versatile person and classical 3-series will open a new segment of market Progressive Activity Coupe. The Back row of seats with separate backs is capable to contain three passengers. The car equip with the newest turbo-engines with 6 cylinders (N55), and also diesel motors and 4-cylinder hybrid power-plants.

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Monday, July 27, 2009

Nissan EV Versa Prototype (EV-11)

this is Nissan EV Versa Prototype (EV-11) .Nissan has been quite vocal about its electric-vehicle ambitions. Along with the announcement of its new electric-vehicle platform this morning, Nissan launched a mini-site focused around the launch of its first electric-car scheduled to make its debut on August 2nd. The site shows a teaser of what we can expect to see when Nissan shows the new electric-car, which will hit the U.S. and Japanese markets in 2010.

While this morning we saw Nissan’s new electric-vehicle platform as a Versa-based prototype, the all-electric vehicle scheduled to debut in 2010 will have a unique design and body.

Nissan says that the in-house developed electric-motor will help the car produce a total of 107-hp with a driving range of more than 99 miles on a single charge.
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The unibody 2011 Ford Explorer

The unibody 2011 Ford Explorer, based on the D3 platform used on the new 2010 Ford Taurus, will go into production in 2010 at the company’s Torrence Avenue plant. Expect an EcoBoost model to follow after the standard gasoline engine choices make their debut.

Sales of the Explorer have seen a drastic decline since the model’s popularity in the 1990s. In its peak year in 1999, FoMoCo sold 507,091 Explorers and 49,281 Mountaineers.

In 2008, sales of the Explorer declined to a staggering 78,439, while Mountaineer sales were 10,596. Both nameplates are down more than 50 percent so far in 2009.

- By: The Daily Auto Editor
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