Thursday, February 24, 2011

Aston Martin One-77 – Ten cars sold to one buyer

The Aston Martin One-77

The new Aston Martin One-77 - ten go to one customerCars UK has discovered that one Middle East customer has bought ten Aston Martin One-77s in a deal worth £15,000,000The Aston Martin One-77 is a wonderful creation (being built for Aston Martin by CPP) which is getting very close to finding its way in to customer’s hands. Aston Martin have been doing final shakedowns on the One-77 and customer cars are underway. And although we don’t yet know how many One-77s have been sold so far (did JK buy one after Salon Prive last year?) what we have discovered is that one customer has bought ten One-77s. Yes, you read that right. Ten Aston Martin One-77s.

It probably won’t surprise you to learn that the buyer is from the Middle East. ‘Bulk’ buying of motoring exotica is not all that uncommon by buyers in the Middle East, who don’t buy just for themselves but for ‘The Family’. But this is one of the biggest single buys we’ve come across.

Apparently, the buyer in question told the boys at Gaydon that he wanted ten One-77s, but they had to be delivered by September. He was told they couldn’t guarantee that as the schedule for production was set. It would seem an immediate transfer of £15 million changed their minds. As it would.

But it’s not just this guy who’s bought more than one. We know of one buyer who has ordered two: one to drive and one to be dismantled and displayed on his walls as a work of art. Which it is.


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