Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New BMW Alpina B3 S Bi-Turbo launches

The Alpina B3 S Bi-Turbo 2010

The Alpina B3 S Bi-Turbo 2010 arrives in Sytner showrooms in JulyThe Alpina B3 S Bi-Turbo, sporting 395bhp and offering 29mpg – and starting at £49,250 – arrives in the UK in July.Actually, the 2010 Alpina B3 S Bi-Turbo launched at the Geneva Motor Show a couple of months back, but in amongst all the glitz, glamour and endless launches we don’t seemed to have picked it up. Slapped hands all round.

The Alpina B3 S Bi-Turbo is something we’ll probably have to get used to in the M3 – no V8. Instead we get treated to a 3.0 litre with a pair of blowers delivering 395bhp. Which gets quite close to what the M3 can manage. Those 395 horses allow the B3 S to hustle to 62 mph in 4.7 seconds. Which is almost exactly what the M3 manages

Which is not shoddy by any means. But the B3 S also manages – after a fashion – to emit a slight green glow. CO2 comes in at 224g/km and average economy (not whilst doing 0-60mph in mid 4 seconds) is 29.1 mpg.

The bog standard B3 S – complete with Alpina alloys, new front spoiler and rear diffuser – comes in at £49,250. Which is actually a bit less than an M3. If you want to do your B3 S without a roof that’ll be £55,250. Which again beats the M3 Convertible by a couple of grand.

There’s something to be said for having the Alpina B3 S instead of the much more common BMW M3. Performance is much the same – even if you forfeit the V8 – and you save a bit of dosh.

If you fancy the Alpina B3 they arrive in July through Sytners.


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