Tuesday, February 22, 2011

BMW Vision Connected Drive Concept

The BMW Vision Connected Drive is a two-seat roadster with an advanced in car technology focused on comfort, infotainment and safety expressed through a three-layer lighting system.
Making its debut at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show, the BMW Vision Connected Drive Concept is a showcase of the current and future in car technology.
The main design element is the layering concept, which aims at demonstrating the bond between the driver, passenger, vehicle and the surrounding environment.
BMW Vision Connected Drive Concept This interaction is visualized through a complex light installation which shows the path of data exchange with the driver and passenger as the start and end point of each interaction
Interior Design
The interior is divided into three layers  comfort, infotainment and safety  each with a corresponding light installation.
Each layer is defined by a color, rhythm, motion and texture and, through the transparent surfaces the path taken by the information can be seen via fibre optic lighting.
The first layer focuses on safety, with a red light wrapping around the driver and coming together in a cone on the hood. This represents the flow of safety specific information and the driver’s focus on the road ahead.
Exterior Design
The exterior of the BMW Vision Connected Drive is characterized by the long wheelbase, set back seating position and long hood.
The taut surfaces and distinctive flowing lines create an interplay of light and shadow making the car appear as if it is accelerating even at a standstill.
The sliding doors, inspired by those on the BMW Z1, disappear into the body, allowing to drive the cars with the doors open, which emphasizes the link between the vehicle and its environment.
The headlights and rear lights integrate sensors that monitor the traffic and external environment.


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