Thursday, February 24, 2011

2009 MTM Bentley Continental GT

2009 MTM Bentley Continental GT

The continental edition of 2009 MTM Bentley WP Birkin is a sport scar two of door of luxury of high efficiency. The MTM comprises the exhaust out of steel, spoiler back of 4 pipes, adjustable frame of sports, sporting glances, the powerful engine which provides high efficiency. The MTM comprises the W12 engine with the turbocompressors and the twin exhausts. The engine delivers one of power of exit of 650 BHP, 586 deliver-pi of couple and reach to him the speed of 62 M/H in 4.9 seconds and high speed is approximately 206 Mph. The MTM comprises the system of F-Cantronic which electronically lowers the size of cars to before by 25 millimetres and 35 millimetres with the back. The MTM comprises the aluminium wheels of 21 inches with the brake system of high efficiency, brakes disc of diamond cut with six gauges of piston on all the wheels which can carefully stop the car even at the speeds.

2009 MTM Bentley Continental GT

Outsides comprise the handles of door, the alloy wheels, the elegant structure of body, the mirrors, the headlights and the rear lights. The interiors comprise the leather seats, the sporting wheel, the device of air-conditioning, the audio system and the instrument panels.


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